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Love Kills Demons - Episode 2 Lightbox, episode... | Sugar. The name is Sugar.

Love Kills Demons - Episode 2

Lightbox, episode deux of Love Kills Demons, a twelve-part film portrait of Chris Rubino by Jim Helton

Love Kills Demons is 12 short films by Jim Helton. Much like Bertrand Russell’s definition of electricity these films are “not so much a thing as a way things happen." They are a window into the spirit of an artist looking for change. Over the span of one year filmmaker Jim Helton documented New York-based artist Chris Rubino while he searched for a new direction in his work. In the process we see screenprinting, drawing, painting, wandering as well as a peak inside the workings of a studio and an artist’s process. The final 12 part film that is Love Kills Demons takes a look behind the proverbial curtain exposing some of the mystery of creation supported by the otherworldly sounds of Big Blood. 

To view the complete series of 12 films, visit www.lovekillsdemons.com

Didi Kasa | Sugar. The name is Sugar.

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Sugar. The name is Sugar.